Mission Trip BBQ

We get your family amazing BBQ You get our family to the mission field.

Next Pickup Date: Friday, May 12

Spots Left: 8

How It Works

We Schedule A Cook

We decide when we are going to cook next (usually every Friday) and prepare for that delivery.

You Sign Up Your Family

We can currently only cook for ten families per delivery date. So you must sign up.

We Cook Great BBQ

We cook and prepare amazing bbq meals and prepare them for your family.

You pick it up in Mattoon

On the delivery day, you pick it up at our location (Bible Baptist Church) in Mattoon, IL after 3pm.

You donate to our mission trip

We suggest a minumum donation of $35 for a meal that will easily feed six adults.

Each meal comes with...

Smoked Pulled Pork

Three pounds (about enough to feed six adults) of pulled pork cooked low and slow on a smoker for at least 12 hours.

Rhino Beans

Our scratch made beans our cooked low and slow with bacon and just the right mix of herbs and spices. They go perfectly with our pulled pork.

Mac & Cheese

Creamy stovetop style mac and cheese like you love - only completely homemade and using real cheese. A crowd pleaser.

Sweet Corn Bread

Sweet, moist, the perfect compliment to the rest of the meal.

About Us

The Hayden Family

As the pastor of a local church, my kids have had the unique opportunity to make friends with missionaries coming through our church every year who go on to live in places like South Africa, the Philipines and Germany. Since they could talk, they have been asking to go visit these friends and it's always been my goal to take them on multiple trips. But, it's expensive.

So I started Mission Trip BBQ as a way to pay for our trips to see our missionary friends and help in their mission works. I cook the meat and the girls help me divide and deliver it.

Our First Trip: South Africa

South Africa

Our first trip will be in March 2024 where we hope to help several missionary friends ministring in the townships in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I will be teaching and preaching in multiple churches and helping in their school and campground. We need to raise about $7,000 for this trip.

Goal: $7,000

What's with the Rhino?

We have a rhino in our logo for four reasons:

First, because Rhinos are awesome.

Second, because Ryan's nickname was Rhino growing up.

Third, because we are going to visit a place called Camp Rhino in South Africa.

Fourth, because in the BBQ world, everyone uses pigs. We cook pigs, but wanted to advertise with Rhinos.